Annual Pass vs Multi-Day Tickets

Part three of the “Livin’ the Disney Life” series will discuss something that is a very important decision that you will have to make when planning your Disney vacation…TICKETS!!! When purchasing tickets to Walt Disney World, it is either purchase an annual pass or multi-day tickets. I will give you advice for both of themContinue reading “Annual Pass vs Multi-Day Tickets”

Staying on property vs Staying off property

Now that you have decided on the dates of when to visit Walt Disney World. Let us continue with “Livin’ the Disney Life!” six-part series. Part two of this series will help you decide on where to stay during your vacation. There are so many choices and options at your disposal on where to stay,Continue reading “Staying on property vs Staying off property”

So you decided to visit Walt Disney World, what’s first?

It is no secret that the Walt Disney World Resort is a top vacation destination in the world for families and multi-generational families, newlyweds or married couples, adults, and just about everybody else. Walt Disney World sits on 47 square miles, or about the size of San Francisco, with four theme parks, two water parks,Continue reading “So you decided to visit Walt Disney World, what’s first?”