School Zone Safety

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As throngs of school kids return to the classroom after their Christmas break (or to be politically correct–winter break). Now would be a good time to remind everybody who drives to be aware of school zones once again. Kids of all grades from K-12 will either be walking, bicycling, dropped off, or riding the school or transit buses back to school. As a teacher it frustrates me when I see drivers just blaze through school zones especially when they are active and you see kids on the streets. Is driving 15 to 25 m.p.h. (depending on where you live) for about thirty seconds really a major life changer? I always find it amazing when I see drivers speed through the school zone, and once past it then drive as if they want to obey the speed limit all of a sudden. I’m sure we have all heard on the news where a student was hit by a car speeding through the school zone or racing past a stopped school bus letting kids off.

We all know that speed kills. But speeding through an active school zone can change so many lives just because you chose not to drive 15, 20, or 25 m.p.h. for thirty seconds. Now we may all cheat just a little going a few m.p.h. over, but not being so blatant as to go 10-15+ m.p.h. over though. Imagine how an unfortunate accident in a school zone will change the lives and paths of both families and the students who attend that school. As the driver, you have permanently altered the lives of the family whose child was either hit or kill because you sped through or were on your cellphone in the school zone. But you as the driver have also altered your own personal and family life too. Life changing for not wanting to obey the speed limit in a school zone.

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So as the kids return back to school, please slow down for those few seconds. Too much is at stake when driving through school zones. Just remember that no life is worth losing or having to pay those fines for speeding through a school zone.

Be safe out there.

One thought on “School Zone Safety

  1. Thank you for reminding people of this. Here in Atlanta they are adding video recording of people speeding through school zone 1 hour before through 1 hour after. There is a trial month going on right now and starting next month they will receive a hefty fine for it. We need to keep our kids safe!


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