Product Review: Power Bank

26,800mAh Ultra High Capacity Power Bank (Courtesy: Amazon)

In today’s society, we are constantly busy using either our cellphones, labtops, tablets, iPads, and any other device that requires charge from time to time. Now granted, you can charge your device(s) just about everywhere using either the USB cable or a power outlet. But when you read or watch the news, you learn how hackers are constantly trying to access your information from your cellphones or labtops/tablets especially when just using your USB cable to charge them. Wouldn’t it feel great to not worry about searching or looking for a power outlet or USB cable station?

So one of the best ways to avoid all the searching for power outlets and those threats from hackers, it is best to have your own power bank to charge your devices. On Labor Day weekend of 2019, all of South Florida was bearing down and getting prepared for Hurricane Dorian to hit after devastating the northern Bahamas. Prior to Dorian making that turn north up the eastern Florida seaboard, I searched everywhere in trying to find a high capacity power bank for not only my wife and I’s cellphones, but also our two kids’ iPads just in case if the power was to go out for an extended period of time. Therefore, I invested $33 to purchase this power bank from Amazon right after Hurricane Dorian turned north.

Courtesy: Amazon

In the past four months since the arrival of this product, I have nothing but high praise for this power bank. You can charge up to 3 devices simultaneously at 5V/2.1A, 5V/2.1A, or 5V/1.0A when needed. The power bank arrives about 30% charge already for you. Generally charging the power bank overnight will fully charged it. One piece of advice: dump the micro-USB cable that comes with it. It will only work for charging the power bank, not so much for charging your devices. I paid for a very good 4 ft. USB cable from Target for $10 that I use to charge both devices or the power bank at night. Charging speed is very good; for example, if I were to charge my cellphone with 15% battery left, within 30-45 minutes my cellphone is fully charged. The best features of this power bank is that it is very lightweight, full LCD screen that displays battery capacity power (input/output/amperage status), and dual flashlights when searching for something in the dark. One last great feature of this power bank is the safety protection technology that protects your device(s) from overcharging, over-voltage, or short circuit.

Courtesy: Amazon

The best conveniences of this product is when you’re away from home or an outlet to charge your device. I have found it best to use while on school field trips, traveling, and definitely when at the Walt Disney World or Universal Orlando theme parks.

I definitely recommend this product especially if you travel a lot, are in the theme parks or just want the freedom to not have to be stationary when charging your device(s).

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