Annual Pass vs Multi-Day Tickets


Part three of the “Livin’ the Disney Life” series will discuss something that is a very important decision that you will have to make when planning your Disney vacation…TICKETS!!! When purchasing tickets to Walt Disney World, it is either purchase an annual pass or multi-day tickets. I will give you advice for both of them and hopefully it will help in your decision when planning your vacation.

Multi-day Tickets

It is no secret that visiting Disney World is not cheap, and in fact, it could ultimately break the bank or budget. Especially when you consider that both Disneyland and Walt Disney World have raised one-day ticket admission and annual pass prices the last few years. One-day ticket prices can range from $109 to $139 on peak days. Definitely utilize Disney World’s monthly ticket price calendar (scroll towards the end) to see. When purchasing tickets, the more days you purchase the more money you will save. After deciding on the number of days, you then have to decide if you want to add the park hopper option to your tickets. Park hopper allows you to visit more than one theme park each day. However, the cost can be very shocking when you factor the price for park hopper options range from $60 to $80 per ticket depending on the number of days purchased. Now Disney World does offer special price tickets for Florida residents (1-, 3- or 4-day tickets) where they can save up to 40% on multi-day tickets over non-Florida residents. Disney World also offers a 4-park Magic Ticket for $83.75/day ($335 per ticket) for everyone that is good for one theme park each day.

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Annual Pass

Becoming an annual passholder to Walt Disney World is like sitting on a gold mine if you love any and everything about Disney. My family (wife, daughter, and grandma) and I started with buying multi-day tickets and then realized that we were spending anywhere north of $600 just for admission. And that’s not counting theme park parking cost, food, merchandise, and lodging. When the decision was made to become annual passholders, we viewed Disney’s annual pass options page to decide which pass would fit our budget. There are 7 annual pass options, plus 2 more for the water parks. I would suggest you look at each annual pass to find the right one that not only fits your budget, but how often will you visit the parks and are you a Florida resident. The basic benefits of all the annual passes are (1) free standard theme park parking and (2) up to 20% discount on select merchandise and select dining. Now depending on your annual pass you pick may have blackout dates, may be able to visit all four theme parks on the same day or may include Disney PhotoPass downloads. My family (now with the addition of a son) and I have been Disney Platinum Pass members the past four years. Yes, the cost of our annual pass has gone up the past two years, but you do get a 15% discount each year that you renew. Plus it is 365 days of being able to visit the Disney theme parks. So to begin your annual pass, simply purchase a one-day ticket and use it as the down payment. For Florida residents, you can simply take advantage of the monthly payment plan to pay for your annual pass. So currently, my Disney Platinum Pass cost $67/month. The main benefits that I enjoy for being a Platinum Pass member is no blackout dates, 20% discount for merchandise/dining, free PhotoPass downloads and special V.I.Passholder benefits and events held throughout the year (i.e. special previews to Pandora: World of Avatar, Toy Story Land, and Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge).

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So once again the question begs…do you buy multi-day tickets or become an annual passholder? The only rationale I can offer you is simply this: Will you be visiting Walt Disney World more than once during the year? If your answer is no, then purchasing multi-day tickets will probably be the way to go. But don’t forget to check for ticket discounts on Disney’s website. However, if you plan on visiting Disney World more than once, I would strongly look at becoming an annual passholder. Remember there are many annual passes to choose from that will fit your budget. Plus, even if you visit twice that year, your annual pass would have paid for itself. Lastly, as an annual passholder, you get multiple passholder magnets available to you throughout the year. And who doesn’t like getting free magnets to put on your vehicle or refrigerator?!!!


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