Is Disney+ Worth It?

It was on November 12, 2019, the day that Disney entered the streaming wars. Many Americans have already started cord-cutting from either their cable or satellite provider, and now many streaming services have benefited from it such as Netflix, Hulu, YouTube TV, and Sling. Now, just about everyone else is getting in on streaming as Apple TV+, Amazon Prime Video, HBO Now, AT&T TV Now, Playstation VUE, and a host of other providers. As 2020 is a few weeks away, consumers have ample choices for their viewing pleasure.

My household has not done any cord-cutting as of now, as we are customers of Comcast Xfinity bundle services (TV, Internet, and Phone). I enjoy the services and the reliability that is offered by Comcast, and the Xfinity Stream app is a great way to enjoy TV and movies on the go; although the downside would be that some channels and movies are only available on your home WiFi network. Of all the streaming services available, I only have a subscription to Hulu and that is only because of Sprint, my cellphone provider. I do watch Hulu quite a bit from time to time because of the old school television shows and a great lineup of movies and other shows.

Now if you started following this blog, there is no secret that we (or maybe really me) are huge Disney fans! I was excited about this Disney+ streaming service. I did not join Disney+ the first week it went live though. I waited until the second week to join and let all the kinks and issues be worked out. Signing up is pretty straightforward with two choices: Disney+ or Disney+ bundle that adds Hulu and ESPN+. The regular Disney+ subscription is $6.99/month or $69.99/year with a 7-day free trial. The Disney+ bundle is $12.99/month with no option to do a yearly plan. Having a subscription already with either Hulu or ESPN+ will give you a bundle credit as long as you sign up using the email associated with either service. So for example, having a subscription with Hulu, all I did was sign up for the Disney+ bundle using the email associated with Hulu. After Disney verified that I do indeed have an active Hulu account, I received a $5.99 credit towards the bundle. Total monthly price for my Disney+ bundle subscription: $7.00/mo ($7.94 after tax), so $0.01 cent more than the regular subscription. My advice, get a Hulu subscription first if you don’t have one, then sign up for the Disney+ bundle. A huge benefit with Disney+, you can create up to seven profiles and simultaneously have four screens actively watching at the same time.

Just so you know, there are other specials on Disney+ subscriptions out there. Examples being Verizon Unlimited customers can get a free year, the aforementioned 7-day free trial by Disney, and starting today Delta Skymiles members can get an extended 14-day free trial.

Courtesy of BBC

Watching Disney+ has been like a return to my childhood. There is such a joy of being able to watch those old Disney movies that I grew up with that have been locked away in the vault for many years if not decades. Also having the ability to watch those old Disney cartoons from my childhood too. There is no denying that Disney has a very large library, so anyone and everyone will be able find something to watch every time. Navigating the interface is very easy to use to find what type of show or movie you’re looking for. As for me, The Imagineering Story, has been my favorite to stream since signing up. I highly recommend the series especially if you’re a Disney expert or diehard fan, or just wanted to know more about Walt Disney and how the Disney Parks became what they are today. So now whenever I visit Walt Disney World, I will have an even greater appreciation when entering Magic Kingdom, EPCOT, Disney’s Hollywood Studios, and Disney’s Animal Kingdom every time. As I get ready to enjoy a much needed two-week Christmas vacation as an educator, I will definitely dig more into the Disney vault to watch shows, movies, and cartoons. One goal I have set for myself during the break is to watch all the Star Wars movies in the correct order to understand the saga. I never grew up a huge Star Wars fan, but I am well aware of the history and story of the franchise.

Are you a Disney+ subscriber? What has been your hits or misses with the streaming service so far? Feel free to leave a comment below.

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