Livin’ the Disney Life!

The introduction of a six-part series that will help you make the most of your vacation at Walt Disney World Resort in Florida.

Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida, has been the number one destination to visit since its opening on October 1, 1971. Although SeaWorld Orlando (1973) and Universal Studios Orlando (1990) are all within four miles of each other. Walt Disney World is still the pinnacle destination to visit, especially when 20.85 million people visited Magic Kingdom in 2018, according to Themed Entertainment Association.

As a little boy who was born and raised in Miami, Disney World was always my favorite spot. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed the trips to Nassau, Bahamas with my grandmother three times a year. But there is something about going Disney World. I would visit at least once a year in the summer with my church’s Vacation Bible School. As a husband and father today, I am still a huge Disney fan as I was as a little kid. It is no doubt that my love for Disney has rubbed off on my children too.

The purpose of this six-part series is to provide a honest and more realistic opinion to plan and enjoy your Walt Disney World vacation. I’m not a blogger who is getting special treatment or rewards for this. I’m not a self-proclaimed Disney expert, but I do consider myself well-verse and advanced in enjoying a trip there. I’m just a regular annual pass holder to Walt Disney World. I hope that each article installment of this series will give you some insight and help make planning that Disney vacation a “magically” one.


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